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Education Standards

Hope of Detroit Academy is a multicultural, multilingual school staffed by highly qualified, dedicated teachers. Hope of Detroit Academy uses the Common Core State Standards, developed by the Common Core State Standards Initiative, for English Language Arts and Mathematics. The Michigan Curriculum Framework  aligned with the Michigan K-8 Grade Level Content Expectations are used for Social Studies, Music and Visual Arts. The state of Michigan has adopted a new set of standards called the Michigan Science Standards (MSS) in November 2015. The MSS is a movement that is in line with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and is heavily focused on performance tasks. 

To ensure the best foundation for education, Hope of Detroit Academy provides a safe, caring, drug-free environment. We operate daily on the belief that all students can learn and succeed, given a motivating and a nurtu
ring learning environment.


To ensure that our students are able to express themselves in a clear, succinct manner, focusing more on depth than breadth, Hope of Detroit Academy has adopted Step Up to Writing for teaching writing.  Step Up to Writing is a grade-cluster, yearlong Common Core workshop curriculum with an emphasis on narrative, informational and persuasive writing for grades K–4. Step Up to Writing will guide students in attaining and exceeding the Common Core writing expectations.  Teachers utilize this resource to explicitly teach different genres of writing.  It also requires high-level thinking including more opportunities to synthesize, analyze, and critique.  Students will write across the curriculum and receive regular feedback and monitoring from their classroom teachers


Hope of Detroit Academy is adopting Journeys Common Core to teach reading in grades K-4.  Journeys Common Core is published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.  The selection of this program was initiated through an action plan developed by our curriculum committee. The committee examined ELA data at every grade level and developed a list of target standards. We then used the data along with strategies for best practice to
develop a scoring rubric for looking at the reading program. We evaluated the program sample and scored it using a depth of knowledge survey and the rubric to determine how effectively it would address our students’ needs.

The program is research-based and aligned with the Common Core State Standards for language arts and incorporates many best practice strategies. There is a 90-minute block of guided instruction on vocabulary, phonics, spelling, and comprehension which are embedded into the weekly reading selections. Students are then organized into ability-leveled groups where they participate in differentiated instruction lessons, cross-curricular activities, technology, and listening centers. The assessment of the program is done formally and informally. 

In grades K-4, teachers will also utilize the DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment) to identify reading interventions and conduct individual progress monitoring.

Teachers are also able to assess students with daily quick checks, practice work, benchmark assessments and weekly and unit tests. 



EnVision Math Common Core is a K-4 math program published by Pearson.  This will be the sixth year Hope of Detroit Academy will be implementing this program in grades K-4.  Envision Math Common Core is aligned to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.  It is a researched-based program and proven to be effective in the classrooms.  The program will help students develop a conceptual understanding of important math concepts through Problem-Based Interactive Learning, Visual Learning Bridges, and Visual Learning Animations.  It also provides ongoing assessment, diagnosis, and intervention.  

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