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Education Standards

Hope of Detroit Academy is a multicultural, multilingual school staffed by highly qualified, dedicated teachers. To ensure the best foundation for education, Hope of Detroit Academy provides a safe, caring, drug-free environment. We operate daily on the belief that all students can learn and succeed, given a motivating and nurturing learning environment.

We offer a curriculum that is:

  • Aligned to State Standards

Hope of Detroit Academy uses the Common Core State Standards, developed by the Common Core State Standards Initiative, for English Language Arts and Mathematics as well as the Michigan Curriculum Framework which is aligned with the Michigan Content Expectations for Science, Social Studies, Music and Visual Arts.

  • Rigorous and Relevant

Our goal is to prepare all of our students for college and career. As such, Hope of Detroit provides learning opportunities that both engage and challenge our learners. Students are required to think critically and problem solve as they master academic content. Additionally, they develop life skills through collaborative work with their peers.

  • STEM Focused​

Hope of Detroit Academy is a STEM school. We have a strong Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math program. We are excited to announce some new course offerings in these domains for the 2019-2020 school year including Robotics, Forensic Science, Earth & Space Science, Environmental Science, and more! Check out our Course Catalog to learn more about these offerings and all of our core and elective classes:

  • Print and Technology Rich

Hope of Detroit Academy provides a continuously updated library of curriculum resources including student textbooks, novels and other literature, as well as teaching manuals and pedagogical resources for our staff. In addition, we have a wide variety of technological resources including smart boards in every classroom and chrome books for every student. Learners at Hope of Detroit Academy benefit from a variety of online programs which both reinforce classroom instruction and provide opportunities for setting goals and tracking progress. 

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