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Now Enrolling Grades K - 12

Middle/High School Staff

School Leader

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Ali Abdel


My name is Ali Abdel and I’m the principal of Hope of Detroit Academy District. I have held various roles in the district since 2003. I’m currently pursuing a doctorate degree in educational leadership from the University of Phoenix. I currently hold a Masters in Business Administration and Management.

School Administration

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Assistant School Leader/District Curriculum Director

Dr. Estrada

Curriculum Coach 5-8

Nichole Markusic

Curriculum Coach 9th - 12th

Teaching Staff

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Susan Petz

5th Grade

Nayelli Medina

5th Grade

Lisa Powell

5th Grade

Arlecia Wilson

6th Grade

Sarah Porter

6th Grade

James Scott

6th Grade

Maribel Bustamante

7th/8th Grade Writing

Alyssa Norton

7th/8th Grade ELA

Sarah Timmermann

7th/8th Grade Science

Charles Elswick

HS PE Teacher

Tracy Durandetto

7th/8th Grade Math

Paul Larsen

Middle School P.E.

Nathan Mark

MS Communications Teacher

Sean Slee

High School Social Studies

James Munce

High School Social Studies

Telma Gracias

High School Math

Jaqueline Leslie-Allen

High School Science

Mahmoud Badih

High School Math

Christina Giuliani

High School ELA

Susan Wonch

High School Technology

Rachel Hargrave

HS Art Teacher

Zachary MacLean


Cinzia Acciani

Italian Teacher

Pearl Rabideau

Title I Teacher

Emilio Vargas

Special Education Teacher

Ilearis Rodriguez

Special Education Teacher

Deneice Love

Special Education Teacher

Catlin Moberg

SLP Teacher

Elvia Martinez-Palos

ESL Teacher

Gary Fitz

MS Social Studies Teacher

Essence Gresham


Prentis Jackson


Getzemani Quiles


Abyashante Scott

High School ELA

Kate Salines


Arthur Ray

Music Teacher

Maria Vargas Zuniga

LRE Aide

Rebecca Hudson

MS Art Teacher

Kyle Weigl

ESL Teacher

Karen Lopez


Anna Hammerel

LRE Aide

Additional Staff

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Maria Vargas

District Business Manager

Joselyn Nava

Office Manager

Hilda Payne

Special Education Clerk

William Barreto

Community Liaison/Truancy

Marie Quaker

College and Career Advisor

Kelsie Harper

Social Worker

Diana Morales

Chief of Security

Sonia Barreto


Angelique Heade

School Secretary

Eric Crume

Dean of Students

Jason Wright

Occupational Therapist

Dominick Waller


Diana Richards

Food Service Coordinator

Lorena Alvarez

Lunch Aide

Lorena Hernandez

Lunch Aide

Maria Sanchez

Head Custodian

Rosario Silva


Rosaura Ornelas


Alex Isaac


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