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MS/HS Schedules

All Students are learning virtual. They are attending live Zoom classes Monday - Thursday. It is required that they log in to their teachers Office Hours on Friday. It is mandatory for the students to check their Google classrooms, emails and Clever accounts daily. They have important information that is being updated daily. When the students attend Friday's Office Hours they will receive assistance with Homework and to catch up with assignments they missed due to an absence. 
All students can email their teachers at any time during school hours with questions or help.
Absences are not excused unless there is a medical note. The State requirements for online learning is that students are able to complete assignments at any time of the day. Online classes are able to be accessed at anytime/anywhere. Even if you are out of state or on a vacation, the State of Michigan will not excuse the absence from school work.  
Thank you for your cooperation and patience during this unprecedented time.  Call the main office for any questions that you have. 


Hybrid Schedules

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