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Hope of Detroit Academy runs on the power of STEAM.  It is our goal to provide all of our scholars with multiple opportunities to explore content and job opportunities in the fields of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math.  Our teaching staff will be working in their classrooms with specialized STEAM materials designed to challenge scholars to solve problems and explore critical thinking.  This STEAM time will be designated outside of our curriculum with all activities and experiences created to enhance student learning.


Our high school offers options to students who are interested in focusing in one specific STEAM field to provide them even more understanding of how they can continue their learning journey after graduation.  They will focus on classes that match their interests and help them explore the available options within that field.  There may be some students who are not yet committed to a field of interest and we allow for those scholars to explore different areas or work through varied programs designed to suit their needs.  Our high school campus offers opportunities for students to earn college credits that can transfer, earn an associates degree, or focus on getting certified in a skilled trade.


At Hope of Detroit Academy our focus in education is powered by STEAM.  We are looking into the future to see what actions we can take now to make sure our students are ready to compete with their peers around the world.  At HODA, we are Full STEAM Ahead!

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