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Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan

Training on Delivery, Access, and Use               of Virtual Content

​Financial information is reflective of the previous completed fiscal year

  • Bargaining Agreement- the academy does not have a current bargaining agreement.

  • Out of State Travel- none

  • Procurement Policy- click here

  • Expense Reimbursement Policy- click here

  • Accounts Payable Check Register- click here

  • District Credit Card- click here

  • Deficit Elimination Plan- the academy does not have a deficit.

  • District Paid Lobbying Costs-FY 2020 MAPSA $4,765

  • District Paid Association Dues- FY 2020- ASCD $328, Detroit Hispanic Development (Robotics) $500, NASSP $250, Commodity Cooperative Membership $250

  • Employee Compensation- The charter public school does not employ a superintendent.

    • List of school employees earning >$100,000:
      - Ali Abdel, school leader

Benefits & Medical

Because our staff is hired through a third-party vendor, we did not request medical benefit plan bids.

Public Act 106 of  2007 states that public employers are required to solicit at least 4 bids every 3 years when establishing, renewing or continuing a health benefit plan for their employees. The academy has no employees, so is not a public employer providing health care benefits.

The following healthcare benefits are sponsored by The Leona Group, LLC, the employer of record, and are available to all full-time TLG employees:
Medical: Blue Cross Base Plan; Blue Cross Buy-Up Plan; Blue Cross Consumer-Driven High Deductible Health Plan (CDHP)
Dental: Delta Dental
Vision: Superior Vision
Wellness Initiative: Blue Cross
Medical Flexible Spending Account (FSA): Payflex

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