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English Language Learners 

Hope of Detroit Academy uses the SIOP model, a research-based method of planning, instruction, and assessment that assists students in their acquisition of the English Language. The SIOP model's eight components address the needs of our EL students while also assisting our native speakers who are struggling with language. All Hope of Detroit teachers have received intensive training in order to effectively implement this model within their classroom. With this model in place, we are meeting the growing needs of our diverse student population.

Hope of Detroit Academy is dedicated to providing services specific to the needs of each student. Your child will have access to the following supports within the EL Program:
Up to 6 hours/daily of SIOP instruction with general education teachers trained with best practices for English Learners, weekly co-planned/co-taught classes with the English Language Teacher, and one-on-one or small group direct instruction with the EL teacher. In addition to these supports within the EL program, your child may also receive small group support from interventionists during the school day. Your child may also participate in after-school tutoring, summer school, and various clubs that may support their language development. Students who are new to the country are paired with a Rosetta Stone account as an additional language development resource.

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