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About Us


Hope of Detroit Academy was established in 1998 and began serving grades K-8. The elementary campus on N. Campbell is a beautiful and historic building, and has become a pillar of the community in which it serves. Due to consistent enrollment and academic growth, the academy expanded in 2016, building a new middle/high school campus across the street from its existing elementary campus. Our new state of the art Middle/High School established in 2016 has served grades 5-12 while our elementary campus serves grades K-4.


At Hope of Detroit Academy the focus is on every child's individual needs. Each student receives the personalized attention needed to learn and grow. We provide opportunities for our students to grow academically, socially, and emotionally through various programs and initiatives. We are able to produce scholars who are capable of doing amazing things!

Excellence in education is what Hope of Detroit Academy is all about, and both campuses offer:

  • The very best technology

  • STEAM programming

  • Multi-cultural experiences

  • Physical education, art, music

  • Second language learning.

  • Extracurricular activities, athletics, clubs and field trip opportunities.

Michigan Reward School for three consecutive years!
100+ year-old historic elementary campus
State-of-the-art middle/high school campus
Over 1.5 million dollars in grants
Over 3,000 alumni
10 consecutive AYP status
Cognia accredited

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